About Heide

I grew up in Germany in a small village near the French border. The population was around 8,000 and the majority of the people worked as coal miners. My father was a general practitioner and my mom helped him. So my sister and I were often left to fend for ourselves.

Looking back I realize that we lived literally behind the moon. Modern conveniences hardly existed and I am speaking of the 1960s. Mom cooked on a coal-fueled stove and the house was heated with coal. Not everyone had indoor plumbing and we acquired one of the first electric refrigerators. There was just one movie house. In our neighborhood most kids my age were boys, so is it any wonder I turned into a regular tomboy? Shortly after my thirteenth birthday my father died suddenly and mom decided that we should move back to Heidelberg on the Neckar River, where she'd grown up. I felt catapulted into the twentieth century and I never grew tired of seeing the Heidelberg castle up on the hill on my way to school.

By now my sister attended pharmacy-college, so Mom and I traveled together during school vacations. I nearly chose to visit Egypt that year instead of Rhodos, Greece, but Fate must have played a role, because that is where I met my husband. Actually, Mitch and I met on the airport shuttle. He chattered away in English, while I pretended to understand. And being the proper young lady I handed him one of my calling cards after asking my mom's permission. Oh yeah, talk about behind the moon times. Anyway, two weeks later, he showed up on our doorstep. He later told me that the day he met me he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Isn't that sweet? After a yearlong long-distance courtship that was at times hilarious, because I mispronounced so many things, I came to visit in Florida. I've been here ever since and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Mitch has been the wind beneath my wings. He is my hero and my soul mate. Talk about destiny. To this day we are still amazed that we found each other across the miles like that.

I never felt the urge to write until after our two sons were away at college and a local columnist threw out a challenge one Sunday. She wrote something like "So you think you can write a book?" I thought I could and I did. Bewitching Angel was born that year, but it took several years before I was published. Viking Raider came next and New Concepts Publishing released a sequel to it called Viking Warrior. Click, Click, Delete, my first contemporary romantic suspense is available now from my site and from Amazon.

Some of you will want to know my hobbies. I am a passionate reader, I love to play tennis, and of course I love to write. I enjoy traveling with my husband, but enjoy it most when we can take our Springer Spaniel Bibi. She is a love. Quiet, clean and doesn't bark. I am a pretty good cook and baker, but eating out is even better. Happy Reading.


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