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The promise is simple. If Nick Andropov is willing to risk his life on a suicide mission to Afghanistan, he’ll be guaranteed a new identity and U.S. citizenship. For Stephanie’s sake, Nick is willing to do anything.

Stephanie has no idea that Nick is training covertly for the impending mission until the morning he gets his marching orders. Shocked by that unexpected news she is too angry to even kiss him goodbye one last time.

While Nick dodges enemy fire along the mountain ranges of Afghanistan, Stephanie fights her own battles at home. She is stalked by someone who seems to know her every move. The moment Stephanie is notified that Nick died in a helicopter crash, the stalker abruptly ceases to harass her.

But Stephanie is unwilling to believe that Nick is dead. During his life he was a master at subterfuge. She begins to investigate his death and stumbles across a horrendous secret. Her discovery will do monumental international harm, and those behind it have no intention of letting Stephanie live to tell about it.


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