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Betrayed by his wife, Alain Defours leaves New Orleans behind and retreats to his country estate on Lake Maurepas. Willowbrook Plantation and his horses become his sole focus until a band of gypsies stops by to sell their wares.

One gypsy in particular catches his attention, and her singular beauty takes his breath. However, he dismisses his feelings the moment they arise. No woman will ever capture his heart again, least of all a gypsy.

Seola is mesmerized by Alain’s imposing figure. Unfamiliar feelings of longing bloom in her heart, but she knows that nothing can come of it. She is but a gypsy and he is a member of the gentry.

Not long after the strange incident with the gypsies Alain is invited to Grandview Plantation as the guest of honor at a masked ball. He is immediately intrigued by a shy harem girl and asks her for a dance. Seola recognizes him despite his disguise. She is an uninvited guest and cannot stay for the unmasking, but she is determined to make this one night last her a lifetime.


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