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Annemarie Radcliff's life changes abruptly, when a drunken sailor spins a far-fetched tale about his capture and subsequent meeting with female pirate Anne Bonny. His mates discount his story as nothing more than fantasy, but it draws the attention of an English colonel.

Robert Dinwidde soon gathers enough information to implicate Annemarie's father as an accomplice to the pirate's escape. Though he has no definite proof, he threatens to hang him -- unless Annemarie consents to become his mistress. Michael Radcliff denies his involvement, but knows that he can no longer withhold the truth from his daughter that her mother had been none other than the notorious Anne Bonny.

Sea captain Trevor Mowbray sails into the port of Norfolk, Virginia, aboard his frigate Enchantress, when he spies Annemarie from the rigging of his ship. He finagles an introduction and is invited to dinner at the Radcliff home. He and Annemarie's father form an immediate friendship, and when Dinwidde hauls him away to prison, Trevor comes to Annemarie's rescue. As he sails her to freedom, a tropical storm shipwrecks the Enchantress and all aboard her are presumed dead.

Two days later a daring woman appears in Charlestown and sets tongues wagging when she buys a frigate and sails her herself. She is none other than Annemarie, but will her life ever be complete without Trevor?


"I really enjoyed this book by Heide Katros. In my opinion, she could give any other good romance writer a run for their money. This book kept me in suspense throughout. At times, I had tears in my eyes, and other times I was laughing. It was just a well-written book that I really enjoyed. It had true love that would last a lifetime and heartbreak that made you want to cry and of course, there always has to be a villain. I do believe this was the first of her books I've read, but I do intend to see what else she has to offer." - Dee, 4 Angels, Fallen Angels Reviews


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