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Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, but the prospect of having to face yet another holiday alone is just too much for Sylvia Hewlitt. Why did Gordon have to die on Christmas Eve? She misses him terribly, but nothing can bring him back. She decides that it is time to start life over, somewhere totally different from the sun and palm trees of Florida. Determined, she makes reservations at a lodge at Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, envisioning days of solitude and skiing down snowy slopes.

In order to escape the usual family squabbles over where he should spend the Christmas holidays Detective Stephan Breslow opts for a snow skiing trip to North Carolina. He intends to do as he pleases, since no one knows him there -- and then he spies Sylvia Hewlitt across the street. She'd shown him the door when they first met, but she has haunted his dreams ever since. He knows she is way out of his league and Stephan does not believe in second chances.


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