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Beautiful, impetuous Stormy comes rightfully by her nickname, since she was conceived during a raging storm and born at the onset of another. Growing up on a remote plantation outside Charleston, South Carolina, her life is unfettered by the restrictions of social convention. Aware that Stormy needs to make a suitable marriage her parents decide to take her on a trip to her father�s ancestral home in England. Along the way they are ambushed by a lone highwayman. The moment the robber�s eyes clash with Stormy�s, there is an instant connection, and instead of their valuables he demands that they hand over the girl.

As the highwayman watches the carriage rattle out of sight, he realizes his folly. If he values his life, he has to return the girl to her parents. But before he lets her go, he steals a kiss� and a corner of her heart.

Stormy tries forget the daring highwayman. Even handsome Andr� Marie Despard, the Comte de Villeneuve falls short in comparison to the mysterious robber. In fact, she doesn�t care for the conceited Frenchman at all�until she discovers that he hides a dark secret behind the cavalier fa�ade he affects.


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