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Sweet Redemption is a sequel to Make Me No Promises.

Jeremy C. Stokes, aka Joel C. Smith, returns to Orlando, Florida, knowing he is wanted by the FBI on a charge of murder. He has no way to prove that he killed in self defense. Hoping he can find redemption, if only in his own eyes, he sets up a private investigation office to help those in need. He has it all sorted out in his mind -- until Melanie Roberts enters his life -- temptation on platform heels. When she tells him that her roommate has disappeared from the nightclub where they both work in order to pay their college tuitions, he accepts the case, despite his better judgment telling him to run in the opposite direction.

Melanie has no use for any man, much less for a drop dead gorgeous one, but Jeremy's fees fit her limited budget. Neither realizes that they have just become embroiled in a white sex slave cartel that has its eyes on Melanie.


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