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Guilt and sorrow over his wife’s suicide drive Wolfram Osterwalt, master of Grandview Plantation, to drink. He is certain that love and happiness are not meant for him. But righteous anger can be a great equalizer. So, when he spies an urchin stealing apples from his orchard, he gives chase. He apprehends the little thief without much trouble, but the lecture he is about to impart dies on his lips, when he realizes that the trespasser is a girl. Their gazes lock in a war of wills.

Sara Auxerre is a survivor. Stealing apples and food from Grandview Plantation are her only means to keep from starving. Too proud to explain her circumstances, too proud to beg for mercy, she waits patiently until he relaxes his grip and escapes across a shallow stream into dense undergrowth.

For the first time in many months Wolfram is intrigued. The little apple thief has left her mark on his consciousness, though he doubts their paths will ever cross again. Sara cannot forget the handsome man either, but she knows that her fascination with him can be nothing more than a dream.


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