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Gundar Herjolfson is one of the most feared Viking warriors ever. Sneering at fate, he adopts the bitter sobriquet of Talon as his battle cry. Ruthlessly he cuts a swath of destruction through the French countryside in search of riches. One night he happens upon a small cloister and decides to have some sport to break the monotony of battle.

Danielle D'Ar�enau is shocked when a nearly naked man, dressed in wolf pelts and armed to the teeth invades her cell. Lifting her chin she bravely meets Talon's icy gaze. Death may not be far away, but it never looked so magnificent.


"Four Angels! This was just a marvelous story to read. Talon was described so well and he appeared so sexy. I could not put it down. The scenery; the descriptions were so wonderful in detail. I loved the names; I have brothers named Leif and Olaf. The relationship between the two was hot and steamy. I was just really impressed. Look forward to another written by Ms. Katros." - Fallen Angel Reviews

"VIKING RAIDER is a book not to be missed. Heide Katros weaves an unforgettable tale, bringing vividly to life the majestic warriors of long ago. Talon, a complicated man with a tender heart, is fierce in battle -- even a battle of wills. Danielle is a heroine who is neither faint of heart nor harsh. She is free-spirited and independent, and she makes a remarkable transformation from a young woman calmly accepting her fate to a woman who decides her own destiny. Danielle and Talon fight to maintain their own identities as they discover the love neither expected to find. The secondary characters add a touch of humor and depth to this tale. For an exciting read, don�t miss VIKING RAIDER by Heide Katros." - Edith Morrison, Romance Reviews Today

"Viking Raider is an amazing story. The author's vivid description, engaging plot and fluid writing style make this story come to life. Thanks to Vikings always spoiling for a fight, there's plenty of action and adventure to thrill. At first, Talon seems to be nothing more than a violent brute, but is actually quite tender and caring."

"Danielle is spunky from the start and just gets spunkier as the story progresses. The ending is a pleasant surprise. This is a wonderful book you don't want to miss." - 5 Flames, Renee, Sizzling Romances


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